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About the KRIV volunteers - last updated 4th December 2019

About the KRIV volunteers - last updated 4th December 2019

The KRIV countryside volunteer group was formed during the Kerridge Ridge and Ingersley Vale Landscape Partnership Project, the first project of its kind supported by the UK Heritage Lottery Fund.

The volunteer group works in the KRIV area to consolidate and maintain the achievements of the HLF-supported  project but their work range extends to elsewhere in Bollington and Rainow.  Hedges have also been laid in Disley, Pott Shrigley and Higher Hurdsfield.

For tasks in the KRIV area relatively near Savio House, volunteers meet at 9.40 each Friday at the east car park Savio House and then collect tools and equipment at the J.U.G. barn, Savio House.  Whilst out on kriv tasks, volunteers may leave their cars in the east car park at Savio House.  To get to Savio House from Bollington by car at present it is necessary to go via Spuley Lane as part of Ingersley Road is closed for flood damage repairs.

For out of area projects marked ** in the programme, volunteers meet at the work site, but some volunteers may go to Savio House first for car sharing.   

Over the past two years the volunteers have been working on some Fridays with Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT) on the slowing the flow (STF) project.   Tasks are planned and organised by Ashley Deane of CWT

for kriv volunteer tasks, wear clothing and boots suitable for outdoor work and bring a packed lunch.  Tools are provided and where tasks require personal protective equipment such as hi-viz vests, safety helmets, hedging gauntlets or safety glasses, this will be provided too.
The work programme is published three months ahead and any changes made within the programme period are added here as soon as possible.

KRIV countryside volunteers work programme Jan 3rd 2020 to March 27th 2020

3Savio Woodland management - Pond
10Woodford hedge planting  **
17Winter tree ID course Lower Nabbs Farm  **
24Kerridge Hill reserve scrub clearance
31Tree planting Calrofold (Bridget & Jeremy)
Feb7Kerridge Hill reserve scrub clearance
14Woodford hedge planting  **
21Rainow School
28STF or planting - to be confirmed  **
Mar6Disley Quakers woodland management
13Woodford hedge planting **
20Site visit to Staff WT Croxall river restoration  **
27Tinkers Clough woodland management

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Bluebell Wood

Some thinning of trees over winter makes for a good display of bluebells this Spring